We went on a camping honeymoon, and here’s our advice

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When it comes to honeymoons, most of us think of exotic destinations with a romantic atmosphere and lots of pampering.

Going camping may not be your traditional type of honeymoon vacation, but it can certainly be a unique and unforgettable way to start your life together.

For us, it was absolutely perfect.

We went backcountry camping for our honeymoon

Ross and Elise looking at the view on top of a mountain during their honeymoon.

Ross and I got married in August of 2021—a full year later than originally planned thanks to the pandemic.

We had originally planned to honeymoon in Belize, but that quickly fell apart in 2020 as international travel didn’t seem like the best idea at the time.

So, instead of jetting off to some remote beach in Central America, we decided to stay closer to home.

To give you a bit of a background on us, we started camping back in 2020 (like so many others did in lockdown).

Ross’s parents had bought us a canoe back as an early wedding gift, which led us to discovering the joy of canoe tripping—a style of backcountry camping that involves carrying everything you need in a canoe and paddling out to your campsite.

We had camped for maybe three nights, but nothing longer than that.

Our honeymoon would give us an opportunity to go on a longer multi-day canoe trip and really get away from it all.

It would also challenge us to figure things out and work as a team, which would be great for our first experience as newlyweds.

We agreed on a 9-day canoe trip through the Temagami backcountry—a region in northern Ontario with some of the last old growth red and white pine forests in the area.

Our canoe packed with all of our camping gear.

Here’s how we decided on this kind of trip:

We already knew we both loved camping. Given that we both got a lot of enjoyment out of camping, we knew there would be a high chance we’d be able to enjoy a longer camping trip for our honeymoon.

We wanted to go on an adventure. We knew that going on a longer camping trip would give us the chance to explore a new area we’d never seen before.

We were open to being challenged. Not everyone wants to be challenged during their honeymoon, but we were up for it and saw this trip as an opportunity to push ourselves out of our comfort zone.

We didn’t care for being in a luxurious environment. Camping means roughin’ it, and we knew that we’d be okay with having dirt under our fingernails and spiders in our hair if it came down to that.

We wanted to disconnect. This one was obvious—we both needed an opportunity to take some time away from our phones, emails, and society in general.

We wanted isolation. The great thing about the backcountry is that if you go deep enough, there are no other people around for miles.

If you and your fiancé/fiancée can say “yes” to all of the above, then you’re probably in good shape for having a super fun and enjoyable camping honeymoon.

Picking your honeymoon camping style

A glamping tent with wine and flowers inside it.

We’re backcountry canoe trippers through and through, but we know that not everyone else is.

There are so many different types of camping that fit so many different types of couples.

If you’re more like us in the sense that you love adventure, want to be challenged, and don’t care for having a super luxurious trip, you might enjoy:

But if you want something a little (or a lot) more easy going, you might prefer:

  • Car camping (with a tent or rooftop tent)
  • RVing or trailer camping
  • Glamping (in a tent, yurt, or cabin)

Planning your camping honeymoon

multiple people looking at a map

Our camping honeymoon took an entire year of planning, which Ross was perfectly happy to do.

That meant figuring out our timeline, planning a route, booking multiple campsites, getting a float plane, acquiring all the gear we needed, and dehydrating a bunch of food ahead of time.

Not everyone wants to do that.

But for backcountry trips, it’s essential to plan it properly.

With car camping or RVing, you don’t have to be quite as hardcore.

If you want absolutely nothing to do with planning, we have two recommendations:

  1. Book a glamping trip, which often includes meals, activities, and everything else you need.
  2. Hire a guide or outfitter to plan your trip, rent all your gear from, and even give you food and recipes.

If you do decide to do most of the planning yourselves, be sure to check out our guide on how to plan the perfect camping trip.

How to make your camping trip feel like a honeymoon

Ross and Elise looking at the view from the lake during their honeymoon.

This isn’t just any old camping trip.

This is your honeymoon, and even if you’re planning on roughin’ it in the backcountry like we did, you can still make it feel special.

Here are a few tips for making your honeymoon stand out from any other camping trip you’ve ever taken.

Make sure you’ll have privacy

A tent and camp chair on a campsite at dusk in the mountains.

A crowded campground on a long weekend doesn’t exactly scream honeymoon vacation.

Save that one for the family and consider camping somewhere that puts a decent amount of space between you and other campers.

Plan for some serious downtime

Enjoying a cup of coffee on the campsite with a lake view.

You just had a wedding, after all.

We personally spent three days on a secluded lakefront campsite where all we did was relax, swim, and paddle around the lake a bit.

Splurge on things that will make the trip more enjoyable

Camping gear and equipment in the trunk of a vehicle.

If your budget will allow it, we totally recommend upgrading your air mattresses, tent, or sleeping bags.

Put it on your wedding registry if you want!

Our biggest splurge was a float plane that got us into the remote area that we wanted to visit, and picked us up so we wouldn’t have to spend days paddling back to the access point.

Go for a double sleeping bag or quilt so you can be intimate

A two-person sleeping bag in a tent.

Sleeping in separate sleeping bags makes it hard to get close to your new spouse, so consider getting something that can be zipped together.

There are affordable options like this highly rated cotton flannel queen size two-person sleeping bag you can buy off Amazon.

Decorate your campsite

String lights in trees at a campsite.

You can make your campsite feel a lot more romantic and luxurious just by adding a few simple items.

Our favourite ideas include solar-powered string lights or lanterns.

Check out these other camping setup ideas for more.

Bring the booze

A bottle of red wine and two wine glasses overlooking the lake.

You’ll have to check with the park or campground’s rules and regulations about alcohol since many don’t allow you to bring glass.

A box of wine can do the trick, or some hard liquor like rum or tequila in a travel-safe bottle or flask can also be a great way to enjoy a camp cocktail or two.

Crank up the romance factor in your planned activities

A couple holding hands under the stars.

We’re not talking about fishing or playing a game of beer pong.

Some romantic ideas include:

  • Having a picnic
  • Going skinny dipping on a private or secluded beach
  • Exploring a nearby waterfall
  • Napping together in a two-person hammock
  • Making decadent s’mores by the campfire
  • Stargazing at night
  • Giving each other massages

Have at least one or two spectacular camp meals

Campfire cooking

Food can be tricky while camping because things spoil quickly and cooking over a campfire is kind of a pain, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy good meals the whole way through.

To start, consider bringing something like a couple of steaks with potatoes and asparagus.

We’re also a fan of campfire pizza with lots of cheese, pepperoni, and veggies!

Another thing we did was bring a few of our leftover wedding cupcakes, which tasted even better out in the backcountry.

Celebrate the end of your trip with a luxurious treat

A hot tub on the lake.

After nine days of paddling in the scorching hot sun, we decided that a day at the spa would be a nice, relaxing, and rewarding way to end our honeymoon camping trip.

You could also look for a nearby hotel that offers an outdoor pool or hot tub, or book reservations at your favourite restaurant.

No matter how you choose to wind down your honeymoon camping trip, make sure it’s something special that you’ll both remember for years to come!

Some other things that will make your camping honeymoon easier

We’ve already done it, so we know the drill.

Here are a few final tips worth mentioning that might as well be life savers.

Pack everything well ahead of time

camping equipment and gear check

One thing we didn’t anticipate was just how little time we’d have to pack before our trip because we were too busy and distracted with the actual wedding.

Instead of creating more stress for yourselves on your wedding night, get everything together at least one week ahead of the day you plan to leave for your honeymoon.

That way, you can give 100% of your attention to your wedding.

Give yourself at least a day in between the wedding and your departure

A calendar showing all the months.

We were so glad we didn’t plan to leave the day after our wedding, because we needed it to rest up a bit and put the final touches on all of our packed gear and food.

A wedding is a huge event, so trust us when we say that you and your new spouse will want to find a way to relax after the big day before embarking on your next adventure as newlyweds.

One buffer day is an absolute must, in our experience.

Bring some good hygiene tools

Daily cleansing facial wipes.

You and your new spouse may be a little apprehensive to get super intimate with each other due to the unsanitary nature of camping, but this shouldn’t be a problem as long as you come prepared.

We recommend bringing cleansing wipes like Active Outdoor Combat wipes, which are biodegradable, to freshen up those areas of your body that are more prone to sweat and odour.

And if you’re not keen on jumping in the lake every day, consider creating your own DIY outdoor camp shower to conveniently cleanse yourself from head to toe.

Go for a simple makeup look

BB cream

It isn’t weird to wear makeup while camping—especially if it’s your honeymoon.

But you can leave the heavy stuff at home and focus on bringing only the most minimalistic makeup to accentuate your natural beauty.

A few ideas include:

  • Tinted lip balm or chapstick with SPF
  • BB or CC cream to even out your complexion
  • Mascara and eyeliner
  • Nude eyeshadow palette
  • Mascara to show off your eyes

Get a screened in bug shelter if you’re going in bug season

Ross in our bug shelter.

There’s nothing less romantic that being eaten alive by mosquitos.

If you’re planning a summer camping honeymoon and want to spend as much time as possible outside your tent, we highly recommend getting something to shelter you from those pesky bugs.

We have the MEKKAPRO ultra large mosquito net, which is an ultralight mesh shelter that you can hang from the trees.

We like to set ours up with our tarp over head so it also protects us from rain and gives us some shade.

Take lots of photos and video

Ross and Elise posing for a selfie on the mountain during their honeymoon.

You only get one honeymoon, so you’ll want to remember it!

Take lots of photos and videos throughout the trip, even if it’s just a silly moment or two.

You’ll appreciate being able to look back on those memories for years to come.

Ross filmed our trip on a GoPro and edited all the clips into a video, adding narration and music so that we can always relive our honeymoon and hear stories from the trip.

If anyone tries to lead you to believe that you’re crazy for going camping for your honeymoon, don’t listen to them.

You do you.

Ross and I are living, married proof that it can be an amazing time, and you won’t regret it.

We certainly don’t.

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