10 camping drinking games to play on your next trip

by | Dec 30, 2022 | Trip planning

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Going on a camping trip is a great excuse to kick back, relax, and enjoying some drinks with friends and family.

If you’re up for some extra fun, why not play some camping drinking games?

As long as everyone is of legal drinking age and drinks responsibly, these games are a great way to add some entertainment to your trip.

Here are a few camping drinking games that you can easily play at almost any campsite!

1. Camping beer pong

A man playing beer pong outside.

Chances are most people will be familiar with this camping version of the classic beer pong game.

To play, you will need a flat surface such as a portable table (or even just the ground) and several plastic cups.

Fill the cups halfway with beer, arrange the cups in a triangle, and take turns throwing ping pong balls into the cups.

If you hit one, the other team must drink that cup.

The first team to hit all of the cups wins!

2. Camping flip cup

Playing flip cup with beer cups.

Flip cup is another popular drinking game to play while camping.

Gather your camping crew and set up two teams.

Each team should have the same number of players.

Set up a long, portable table or two small ones on opposite sides and pour cups of beer in front of each player.

Starting at one end, the first person chugs their beer then flips their cup upside down onto the edge of the table.

Once the cup is flipped, the next player can start drinking.

When all players are done drinking and flipping their cups, the team that finished first wins!

If camping with smaller groups of people, you can adjust this game to be played one-on-one by having only two camping chairs facing each other.

You can also make camping flip cup more interesting by playing musical chairs style.

When the music stops, whoever hasn’t flipped their cup has to take an additional chug of beer!

3. Camping quarters

A hand holding a quarter.

Quarters is another camping drinking game that requires a bit more skill and luck.

Set up camping chairs around a camping table and pour a cup of beer for each player.

Players take turns bouncing their quarter into the empty cup in the centre of the table.

If successful, the shooter gets to choose another player to drink the cup.

If you miss, your turn is over and it’s time for the next person to shoot!

To make camping quarters more difficult, each player can take turns flipping their camping cup upside down after they have taken a shot.

This makes shooting easier but also requires more skill as the other cups will be blocking your path.

Play camping quarters until everyone has had a chance to shoot and the last person standing is the winner!

4. Ring of fire

A woman shuffling a deck of cards while camping.

For this game, you’ll need a deck of cards and potentially a small camping table and camping chairs if you want to sit.

Alternatively, you can play on the ground in a circle.

Lay out all the cards face down in a large circle and place a camping cup filled with beer in the centre of the circle.

The first player chooses a card from the circle and reads aloud its meaning.

For instance, if the player draws an 8 card, they must drink eight times.

If the player draws a King card, everyone in the camping group has to pour some of their beer into the cup in the middle.

The game continues until all cards are gone and whoever finishes their beer first wins!

5. Slap cup

A ping pong ball falling into a beer cup.

Slap cup is a high-intensity drinking game that requires quick reflexes and a steady hand.

The goal of the game is to bounce a ping pong ball into your cup as quickly as possible, so you’ll need some ping pong balls to play this one.

Place around 20 cups in the centre of a camping table (or on the ground if it’s flat enough) and fill them about one-third of the way with beer.

On either side of the table, two challengers face off with a clear cup placed between them and an eager ping pong ball in their grasp.

The first player tosses the ball and tries to bounce it into their opponent’s cup.

The opponent does the same.

Whenever a player succeeds at getting the ball into the cup, they pass the cup and the ping pong ball to the person next to them.

As soon as a player makes a shot, if the person on their left is still trying to make theirs, they can “slap” their cup away from them.

That person must then take a new cup from the centre, chug it, put it back, and then toss the ball toward it and try to make the shot.

The game ends when all the cups are gone.

The last person to have their cup slapped has to chug a full cup of beer!

6. Never have I ever

Friends playing camping drinking games.

This one is a good choice if everyone in your camping group is open to having some interesting conversations.

Allow everyone to get comfortable with their drinks.

The first person starts by saying something they’ve never done, such as “never have I ever gone skinny dipping”.”

Anyone who has done this must take a sip of their drink.

The game continues until everyone has taken turns making statements or until someone can no longer think of something they have never done!

7. Drinking dice

Rolling colourful dice outside.

For camping drinking games that are a bit more interactive, try drinking dice.

You’ll need to either buy drinking dice that have specific rules printed on each side, or you can simply use standard dice and write out rules for each number on a piece of paper.

The gameplay is super simple.

Take turns rolling the dice, read the rule that comes up on top, and follow it.

Drinking dice will have rules like, “No drink,” “Sip,” or “Drink 2 cups,” to make things super interesting!

8. These cards will get you drunk

A group of friends toasting beer bottles at a campsite.

This is a specific adult card game you can buy from Amazon.

The game includes over 100 dynamic cards so each game you play is always different.

Again, the rules are simple for this one.

You take turns drawing a card, read what’s on the card, and do what it says!

For instance, one of the card says:

“Everyone votes on who is the biggest alcoholic. That person drinks and also picks another person to drink.”

9. You laugh you drink

A man laughing while standing outside among trees.

Another one from Amazon, You Laugh You Drink will test your self-control as your alcohol levels increase.

The game comes with 150 cards, and when it’s your turn, you read it and do what it says—without holding anything back.

Everyone else has to keep a straight face.

If they break down laughing, they have to drink!

10. Last call

A plastic cup of beer on a cooler at a campsite.

Our last suggested camping drinking game is Last Call, which you can also get off Amazon.

Like the previous two, it’s a card game with a little extra variety.

You’ll be asked to answer funny questions, compete against each other, roast someone, pull a prank, and more.

And again, like the others, all you have to do is take turns pulling a card from the top of the deck, reading what it says, and following the instructions.

This game will last you hours of fun and laughter!

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