50 funny camping gifts for every type of camper

by | Aug 26, 2022 | Gear

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People who love camping never have enough gear (or so they say), which is the perfect opportunity to explore some super funny camping gifts that are both useful and amusing.

Whether you’re shopping for a birthday, the holidays, or some other special occasion, chances are the camping enthusiast in your life will appreciate any one of these hilarious finds.

And if they don’t?

Well, that’s on them for having a poor sense of humour.

A gift box wrapped with forest animal paper topped with a red bow

Believe it or not, some of the best funny camping gifts are on Amazon.

You just need to know where to look.

Luckily, we’ve done to the dirty work for you by scouring the online retailer for funny gifts that have been rated 4 to 5 stars by their reviewers.

So, without further ado, here are some funny camping gifts (complete with a product image for each) that are sure to bring a smile to any camping enthusiast’s face.

Here's what we'll cover:

1. A Swiss Army knife with 73 different functions


This insane Swiss Army knife puts every other camping knife and multitool to shame!

We’re not sure what each tool is for, but half the fun is figuring it all out! (And then having to open each and every one before you finally find the one you actually need…)

2. Humping animals adult colouring book


After a long day of backpacking or hiking on a camping trip, which may or may not involve tons of aches and pains, it feels good to be able to kick back, relax, and vigorously colour in a bunch of animals totally going at it.

This one probably isn’t for kids, folks.

3. Emergency underwear in a can (3 pairs!)


Caught in the rain? Emergency underwear.

Fall in the lake? Emergency underwear.

Pee your pants from seeing a bear? Emergency underwear! (You get the idea…)

It’s the perfect camping gift for the camper who never brings enough underwear and regrets it every time.

4. A portable mini beer keg


Why lug around a six-pack when you can pour your refreshing brewskies into this convenient half-gallon trail keg?

It’s every camping partier’s dream!

This thing will apparently keep your beer cold and perfectly carbonated for up to 24 hours.

5. A camo sleeping mask

Not every camping enthusiast remembers that the sun is probably going to blast them in the eyeballs through the walls of their tent at 5 or 6 in the morning.

A camo sleeping mask won’t just keep things dark—it will also keep half your face hidden from wildlife, which is a nice bonus I guess.

6. A beanie with a built-in headlamp


During those chilly nights at your campsite when you could really use a hat, you might also realize that you need a way to keep your headlamp strapped on.

This beanie (*ahem* that’s “toque” in Canadian) is an all-in-one solution for campers who struggle with headlamp slippage or incompatibility with their regular hats!

7. A 5-pack of “biohazard specimen” poop bags


Digging a hole and pooping in it is uncivilized.

No wait, actually… go ahead and poop in the hole.

This is just a camping gift for those who know how to take a joke!

8. A funny camping beer can cozy


Every beer-guzzling camper needs a cheap beverage cozy with an overly cliché joke on it like, “Camping without beer is just sitting in the woods.”

How else are you going to have fun, anyway?

9. A pair of fish oven mitts

For the camping enthusiast who always talks about “the big one that got away,” they can cook their sad pot of Kraft Dinner over the campfire (or at home, if they want) with this glamorous pair of oven mitts.

Maybe next time, Jimbob. Maybe next time.

10. A portable mini fan, power bank, and flashlight shaped like a bear


Have you ever seen a cuter and more versatile camping gadget than this? I think not!

If you have a high-maintenance lady camper (or child) in your life who needs to stay cool in the heat and glued to her phone at all times, this thing is for her.

11. “Happy Nuts” comfort cream for men’s testicles


Listen, backpacking and camping means you’re going to get sweaty and dirty… in awkward places.

Happy Nuts is meant to be used on men’s junk so it can protect their jewels against odour, sweat, and chafing.

Despite the funny name, it sure seems like a useful gift for a man.

12. “Lady Parts” feminine hygiene lotion


We can’t forget the ladies now, can we?

Lady Parts is a lotion designed to help prevent swampy, sticky, smelly “lady parts”—including around the breasts and bra-line, as well as in the crotch area and inner thighs (which may be especially helpful for when you’re on your period).

Like Happy Nuts, it’s supposed to stop chafing and irritation in those areas while helping your stay fresh and odour-free.

13. “I Hate People” camping journal

One of the best things about camping is documenting all your adventures, and one way to do this is through a journal.

For those campers who love the backcountry and want to get as far away from the crowds as possible, this journal is perfect.

14. A full-sized umbrella hat

Whether you’re hiking, fishing, or even just hanging out at your campsite, sometimes the rain and the sun can get the best of you.

Why not save yourself some misery by staying staying dry while also keeping your hands free with this fashionable headpiece?

It might look ridiculous, but hey, it works!

15. An “Emergency Bigfoot” electronic noisemaker

When you’re camping deep in the woods, you need protection from predators, obviously.

Just hit one of the emergency Bigfoot buttons to send off a loud howl, snort, roar, or groan so you can stay safe.

It’s brilliant, really.

16. An extendible roasting reel

Forget finding the perfectly sized stick for roasting marshmallows.

Now, you can just crank the handle on this roasting reel to conveninely adjust the length skewer.

Best of all, you can roast TWO marshmallows at once! (Also works with sausages/hotdogs.)

17. A flannel blanket that looks like a pizza

Who wouldn’t want a big cozy blanket in the shape and design of one of the greatest foods on the planet?

This flannel pizza blanket can also be used as a large beach towel, making it super versatile for camping.

You just can’t eat it, unfortunately.

18. A dragonfly hat clip-on to keep the bugs away

Camping in the summer means you’ll be dealing with bugs.

Dragonflies are the main predators of deer flies and horse flies, and believe it or not, this dragonfly replica has been proven to help keep them away.

Just clip it onto the brim of your hat and go about your day.

Crazy, sure, but also pretty awesome.

19. Inspirational Bob Ross bandages

Everybody loves Bob Ross.

These bandages will make an awesome addition to any camper’s first aid kit.

“No mistakes, just happy accidents!”

20. A high-tech flameless lighter

Who needs 20 different coloured Bic lighters stuffed in your pack at all times when you have this ridiculously high-tech rechargeable, flameless, dual plasma arc lighter?

It’s just way cooler, and makes a great stocking stuffer or mini gift!

21. Shoe Ninja deodorizer inserts

Backpackers and hikers are especially prone to stinky shoes.

These shoe inserts use activated charcoal to neutralize bad odours overnight!

A very cute and practical camping gift idea.

22. Portable and foldable wine bottles

Many parks and campgrounds don’t allow you to bring glass, and why would you want to, anyway?

These foldable wine bottles look just like the real thing, without the extra weight or risk of breakage!

They even come with a convenient funnel to pour your wine into them without spillage.

23. An inflatable sofa hammock

It isn’t always so easy to kick back and relax at camp (or at the beach) unless you use your sleeping air mattress.

Now, you can lounge the day away in this amazing inflatable camp sofa hammock!

It comes in camo and several other colours and designs.

24. A light that attaches to the inside lid of your cooler

When it’s dark, you’ve had one too many, and you find yourself fumbling around inside the cooler for your next cold one, it would be really helpful to have an extra light source.

Just attach this light to the inside lid of your cooler, and it will automatically turn on when you open it (and shut off when you close it).

25. Skittles drink mix singles

Skittles in liquid form? Yes, please!

For the candy lover in your life who also loves to camp, you can be sure they’ll stay hydrated with these sugar-free powdered drink mixes that are both delicious and convenient.

26. “Would You Rather?” Campfire edition question game


When you get tired of singing Kumbaya around the campfire, you’ll be sure to get a kick of out this hilarious interactive game with more than 230 camp-themed questions.

This game is also family-friendly, so it’s great for all ages!

27. A heated vest

If you know a camper who loves to get out in the shoulder seasons like the fall or even winter, why not gift them this amazing heated vest?

It’s completely safe, has three heat settings, switches to a lower setting to automatically to prevent overheating, and is machine washable.

What’s not to love about this perfectly unique camping gift idea!?

28. A decorative pillow that looks like a real log

For the camper who loves to bring the outdoors in (or simply could just use an extra pillow on their trips), this log pillow delivers.

You can also get them in the shape of tree trunks!

Just make sure they don’t end up in the fire pit.

29. Poo Powder composting gel

Many campers take “leave no trace” very seriously, which is why this funny camping gift is perfect for them.

Whether you use a portable toilet or dig a hole to do your business, sprinkling a bit of this eco-friendly powder over it will help it naturally degrade faster and avoid giving off nasty odours.


30. “Go Outside” vinyl decal

Campers love to put fun decals and bump stickers all over their gear and vehicles.

This one, which says, “Go outside—Worst case scenario, a bear kills you” would make a great addition to any camper’s stuff.

31. Emergency drinking water

This might seem like a gag gift, but it’s actually a legit product meant for people who want to plan for disaster situations.

Each sachet contains 125 millilitres of purified water, making it a perfectly lightweight and convenient option for campers to carry around in case they’re not close to a water source—or as a backup if they break their filter or run out of purification tablets.

32. 6 spices in 1 multi-spice shaker bottle

I bought this thing a while back because I thought it was genius.

Turns out it’s pretty heavy and not ideal for ultralight trips, but other than that, it’s actually pretty handy.

When you need a little extra flavour, it gets the job done!

33. A full-body mesh bug suit

Bug suits are all the rage among the outdoor and camping community, and even though it’s hard to look cool in them, at least you’ll stay sane.

It even claims to protect against those pesky “no-see-ums!”

A must-have for every camper who camps in bug season.

34. The lazy camper’s fire pit

When you don’t want to go through the hassle of finding wood, processing the wood, and then building the fire… there’s the lazy camper’s fire pit, which are just these portable pits that’s as easy to light as a candle.

But no, seriously—these things are pretty cool.

You can have a fire literally anywhere and in no time, which makes them great for backpackers and trippers alike!

35. The ultimate camping-themed Hawaiian Bigfoot camping shirt

Nothing says fashion like a Hawaiian shirt with multiple versions of Bigfoot creeping past your camping tent at night.

Is it stylish, or is it hideous?

Depends on your taste!

This camping shirt, funny as it is, will be sure to impress everyone who gazes upon it.

36. A camping flask with 2 shot glasses, LED light, and compass


If you know a camper who’s a fan of hard liquor, this all-in-one flask is for them!

In addition to two stainless steel shot glasses, this thing also has a four-mode LED light and precision compass built right in.

Time to get the party started!

37. Roll-up sunglasses

One of the most inconvenient things of being a camper is breaking or losing your sunglasses.

But having a spare pair of roll-ups can save the day!

They even fit behind regular glasses for a super cool look (That’s sarcasm, by the way.)

38. Fish flip flops

Step out of tent or onto the beach in style with these amazing fish flip flops!

They’re unisex and  come in all sorts of different colours, meaning there’s a pair for everybody.

I mean, who wouldn’t want a pair of these!?

39. Condiment squeeze bottles with cute faces

Why bring an entire bottle of ketchup, mustard, and relish when you could downsize to these adorable things?

These squeeze bottles are lightweight, BPA-free, leak-proof, and easy to clean with the convenient brush they come packaged with.

40. Shower togas for showering anywhere

We’re not really sure why you just don’t wear your bathing suit… but… cool gift idea, bro?

These his and her shower togas give campers the opportunity to shower directly in front of their family, friends, and complete strangesr without being completely nude.

As seen on Shark Tank, apparently.

41. A multi-pack of hand, toe, and body warmers

Know a camper who suffers from cold hands and feet?

This multi-pack of peel n’ stick warmers is just what they need to stay warm!

They’re non-toxic, air-activated, and non-combustible so they’re completely safe to use.

42. A buff that turns you into a dog

Outdoorsmen (and outdoorswomen) love to wear buffs to keep the sun off of their necks and faces.

Why not get creative by choosing one with a cute design like a dog?

It’ll be sure to put a smile on anyone’s face!

43. A tent roof lantern with a built-in fan

When it’s hotter than heck in the tent at night, it really helps to have some airflow.

This tent lantern can be hung in any tent and has a fan that with the light either on or off.

Now that’s luxury camping for you!

44. “I f***ing love it out here” women’s socks

Funny camping gifts don’t really get any better than this.

As long as your gift recipient is fine with wearing something with the F-word on it, it should be a winner.

I’d wear them!

45. Bob Ross “Happy Little Trees” men’s socks


We can’t leave the men out of the sock party, which is why we’re suggesting these glorious Bob Ross socks to add to his collection.

We love these “Happy Little Trees” socks, but there are other designs too that are just as great.

46. Hoot-n-Holler animal caller


For campers who love wildlife, they might just be able to catch a closer glimpse of an animal by luring them in with this state-of-the-art, seven-in-one animal caller.

You can call ducks, eagles, owls, turkeys, coyotes, bears, bobcats, elk, and wolves with it.

The only animal that’s missing is moose!

47. An electric shaker bottle

Whether you need to mix a protein shape or your favourite cokctail, this electric shaker bottle will get the job done.

I don’t know about you, but I’m loving this.

It’s BPA-free, rechargeable via USB port, and comes in four different awesome colours.

48. Biodegradable wet wipes

The stinky, sweaty camper in your life will appreciate you for gifting them these super convenient wet wipes meant for people who spend a lot of time outdoors.

Apparently these things were developed by elite miliatry soldiers.

Best of all, they’re biodegradable—so you can use them and then bury them in the ground after use.

49. A foot massager gift set

Backpackers, hikers, and all sorts of other campers who are on their feet all day could use some relief at the end of the day.

These types of massagers are typically used for people who suffer from plantar fasciitis, but really, they’re great for anyone who has sore feet after pounding the ground all day.

50. A super cozy camo onesie

Last but not least, we though our list of funny camping gifts wouldn’t be complete without an adult onesie in our favourite outdoor design—camoflouge, of course.

It’s unisex and perfect for sleeping in or lounging around the campfire at night.

You can also get them in all sorts of other colours and designs.

Did you find the perfect camping gift that’s both funny and unique?

Make sure to hit “add to favourites” on the product page (while signed into your Amazon account) if you did!

If not, we encourage you to shop around—online or in stores.

Walmart is one place you can check for more hilarious camping gift ideas, for instance.

And that concludes our list of funny camping gifts.

Some gifts are funnier than others, some are quite clever, and some are mostly useless.

Whatever camping gift you may be looking for, we hope that you found something your gift recipient will completely love!

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