What to do if your backpack zipper gets stuck

by | Nov 29, 2023 | Backpacking

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We’ve all been there—you’re about to head out the door, you grab your backpack, and bam, the zipper’s stuck.

It’s frustrating when you can’t access your essentials because your trusty zipper has decided to jam.

Don’t let a stuck zipper throw a wrench in your plans.

There are simple fixes you can try to get back on track in no time, without having to wrestle your backpack into submission or being late for your day.

Understanding zipper mechanics

Zippers on a backpack

When your backpack zipper gets stuck, knowing a bit about its mechanics can help you fix the issue quickly.

Identify the type of zipper

There are mainly two types of zippers used on backpacks: coil zippers and tooth zippers.

Coil zippers, made of spiral plastic, are flexible and quite common.

Tooth zippers, with distinct metal or plastic teeth, are rugged and durable.

Basic zipper components

The parts of a zipper include the slider, teeth or coil, and the pull tab.

The slider joins or separates the teeth or coil when you move it up or down.

Bolded teeth or coils lock together securely as the slider passes over them, which is necessary for a zipper to function properly.

Common fixes for a stuck zipper

A stuck zipper on a backpack

Dealing with a stuck zipper can be frustrating, but the right techniques can often solve the problem quickly.

Wax or lubrication method

Wax, like a candle, can be rubbed along the teeth of the zipper to help it glide more smoothly.

You can also try a lubricant, such as silicone spray, to provide the same effect.

Remember to apply gently and sparingly.

Pencil graphite technique

The lead from a pencil contains graphite, which is a good dry lubricant.

Rub the pencil tip on both sides of the zipper teeth to help loosen it.

This method is mess-free and usually handy since pencils are common.

Soap solution

A tiny bit of liquid soap mixed with water can be a quick fix.

Apply it around the zipper area and gently work the zipper back and forth.

It’s a simple yet effective way to deal with minor snags, as suggested by this guide.

Rinse off any soap residue after the zipper moves to avoid attracting dirt.

Troubleshooting more serious zipper problems

Check if the teeth of the zipper are misaligned.

If they are, gently guide them back into place using your fingers.

Sometimes fabric or debris gets caught in the zipper.

Carefully remove any obstructions with tweezers.

Fixing a separated zipper

A separated zipper can often be fixed by reinserting the zipper teeth into the slider.

Use a pair of pliers to gently close the slider’s mouth if it’s too wide.

This should allow the zipper to catch the teeth again and function properly.

When to seek professional help

If the zipper’s teeth are broken or the slider is damaged, it’s time to see an expert.

Look for a local tailor or shoe repair shop that can replace the faulty parts.

Attempting to force a severely damaged zipper can make things worse.

Professionals have the tools and expertise to fix it without causing further damage.

Preventive measures

Taking care of your backpack’s zippers can save you from the frustration of them getting stuck.

Keep zippers clean: Dirt and debris can cause zippers to stick; gently brush teeth with a soft brush to remove particles.

Lubricate zipper tracks: For smooth operation, lightly apply a zipper lubricant or wax.

Don’t overfill your backpack: Stuffing your pack can strain zippers, making them more likely to snag or break.

Avoid yanking on zippers: Pull zippers gently along their tracks to lessen the chances of them getting caught.

Long-term backpack care

A dirty backpack on the grass

To keep your backpack in top condition, it’s important to consider the durability of zippers and the overall quality of your backpack.

If you’re faced with a broken zipper, you’ve got a few choices.

Zipper repair kits are handy if you’re looking for a quick fix and feel comfortable doing the work yourself.

For a more professional touch, consider taking your pack to a specialist who can replace the zipper entirely.

Choosing a high-quality backpack from the start can save you a lot of hassle down the line.

Look for backpacks with durable materials and strong zippers.

Brands that stand by their products may offer warranties or repair services, which can be a lifesaver for active or frequent travellers.

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